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Tips to Decorate a Senior Living Apartment

A furnished living room with a large oak bookshelf

The decision to move from the family home to an assisted living community comes with many emotions. It can be a time of stress. However, it’s also an opportunity to start fresh. To help find the right balance, you’ll want to include both the old and new. Create a space that’s familiar and comfortable. But also, set up your new home to fit your current needs. As you start your move, use these five tips to decorate and make your new place feel like home.

Use Photographs

One of the easiest ways to make your new senior living apartment feel like yours is through photography. Pick some of your favorites from your old home to keep displayed. Photos are also an easy item to change out. You can keep your home feeling up-to-date by rotating in new photos or art.

If it’s hard to sort through your photos, ask your family for help. Many times, you can store photos digitally to save space and keep them safe for the long term.

Remember Scale and Size

If you’re moving from a traditional family home, you should think about size and scale. Large furniture pieces may no longer be the right scale for an apartment. Also, you may not have as many rooms or storage. As you pack, it’s the perfect time to declutter and think about what you truly want to keep.

If you’re struggling with sorting through your items, ask for help. You may even consider hiring a professional to help organize and declutter. By getting others involved, it will make the task of sorting through years of items less overwhelming.

Include Plants

As you set up your new apartment, be sure to include plants. Indoor plants not only create a welcoming feel, but they also can benefit health. According to Psychology Today, green leafy plants have been shown to help boost your mood. In addition, they can benefit lung health.

If you currently have many large houseplants, you may need to scale down. For example, sometimes you can split plants and re-pot them to create smaller plants. Then, you can donate the rest to a school or other community organization.

Think Like a Guest

One great way to make your new apartment home is to make room for guests. Friends and family are what make a home, after all. As you arrange furniture, consider where guests will sit. Make sure you have a good place to enjoy a meal with others or have a cup of coffee with a conversation.

Even more, think about the pieces you decide to keep in your home. Your photos, art, and decorations should reflect your unique story. These small pieces are a great way to let guests see your personality.

Make It Safe

Most important, make sure your new home is functional and safe. Your old, soft chair may not be the best choice for getting up and down as you age. Additionally, consider how you place furniture or rugs. You don’t want them to be a tripping hazard. Lighting – such as night lights or under-the-cabinet lights in the kitchen – can also help with visibility.

Overall, be sure you find the right balance between function and meaningful décor. That way, you’ll have a home that not only looks welcoming but also meets your needs.

At Walnut Place, we want each of our residents to have a comfortable, safe home that they love. Find out more about our assisted living options. We’re here to help you be at home. Call (214) 361-8923 to schedule a virtual tour.