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Concierge Living: A Senior Care Advocate When You Need Them Most

One of the most challenging aspects of your loved one’s getting older is watching them lose their sense of independence. It’s a frustrating experience for them and an overwhelming one for you as you both navigate the process. There’re so many questions that come to mind that may make everything seem so overwhelming.

At Walnut Place, we go above and beyond by being your loved one’s senior advocate and providing each resident with personalized senior concierge services. The main goal of our senior care service is to ensure every single one of our residents find comfort, support and the path to an engaging lifestyle.

Concierge Services: What We Provide

Within 72 hours of admission, our skilled senior care advocate will work with new residents to begin coordinating, personalizing and creating a senior care plan. We will sit with families and go through as much of the admission process as possible to learn all we can upfront.

Our senior care advocate then explains all the ins and outs of our community and facilitates any necessary outside care. We help residents with any issues or complaints and assist with billing, casework, physical therapy and more.

Just some of the senior concierge services we offer our residents include:

  • Assistance with billing
  • Facilitation of referrals, appointments, and insurance
  • Day-to-day nutrition and activities
  • Support in finding the right physical therapy options
  • Help with admission paperwork
  • Liaison for family members

Interested in Touring Our Community?

You’re invited to schedule a personal visit to explore all of your interests and needs and to see the aspects of our community that are most important to you!

Concierge Senior Living Services: What Makes Us Unique

Many senior living communities offer assistance for new residents. What makes Walnut Place truly unique is our senior concierge services which provide a deep level of care for our residents. Our resident concierge Svetlana has worked with our team for more than eight years and makes each day meaningful for our residents. Her caring nature and empathy make her the perfect person to work with residents.

We have found that Svetlana’s continuous efforts to make each day special through concierge living is exactly what makes all the difference in the success of our programs and the happiness of our residents.

Learn More About the Senior Concierge Services at Walnut Place

Along with our dedicated memory care, senior rehabilitation and assisted living services, we also offer a fiercely dedicated staff to support each and every one of our residents on their unique journey. In fact, we’ve been doing exactly this throughout our 40-year history.

We encourage you to visit Walnut Place and talk directly with our staff members. Seeing our services in-person can help you make the best decision for your loved one’s future. Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour.

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A Senior Living Community Fit For You

For middle-class seniors seeking care for themselves or a loved one, Walnut Place is the only senior living community with a 35+-year history located next to Presbyterian Hospital offering a continuum of care on site in a comfortable environment with long-tenured staff.

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