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Wellness Navigation: Directing Care for Your Loved One

Behind every successful program are the individuals who make it happen. At Walnut Place, we are lucky to have a passionate Wellness Navigator, Nancy, to help our residents day in and day out. As an LVN, our full-time Wellness Navigator does everything she can to create a welcoming environment that reduces stress for residents and empowers families.

Walnut Place Nancy ChampionNancy is not only here to welcome residents into our community, but also to act as their personal liaison between the care they need and the healthcare professionals who make it possible. This why Nancy is highly trained, caring and supportive of both residents and families. The ultimate goal of the program is to work with residents to anticipate their needs and address them as quickly and fully as possible.
As residents enter our community, they are greeted by Nancy to help coordinate their care. She walks patients through day-to-day nutrition, fitness, activities, as well as helping prepare them for the discharge process by giving them information about support services and home healthcare. For her, improving communication between physicians and families while ensuring peace of mind for our residents is at the heart of wellness navigation.

What Makes Our Wellness Navigation Program Successful

We fully believe that in order to make our program successful, we need people like Nancy, who care deeply about the wellness and recovery of our residents. Her compassionate and caring heart are paramount to providing our residents with the best care possible.

Nancy is empathetic towards our residents and passionate about her job. She is an excellent communicator, and will even visit patients that need to go back into the hospital. She believes encouragement is key. It is her job to do everything she can to provide residents and family members with the education needed after their care at Walnut Place to continue their journey of recovery and wellness.

Empowering Patients to Make Smarter Choices

Our Wellness Navigator uses all the tools at her disposal to help patients make smarter choices and feel empowered to fight for their health and wellness.
On a daily basis, she provides our residents:

  • Options that reflect individual needs and interests
  • The opportunity to explore options in a cost effective manner
  • Assistance in reviewing patient decisions and providing constructive feedback
  • Facilitation of referrals, payment and insurance complications
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress
  • Day-to-day nutrition and fitness support
  • And more

Nancy works hard to encourage residents and help them think about the bigger picture. With frequent check-ins and one-on-one assistance, it is her goal to provide peace of mind and confidence for the future.

We are proud to offer our residents the highest level of care, and none of it would be possible without the empathy and dedication of our Wellness Navigation program led by our full-time Wellness Navigator, Nancy.

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