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Why Choose Walnut Place for Short-Term Rehabilitation in North Dallas

a senior man participates in rehabilitation

Often, seniors aren’t quite ready to go home after they’ve been in the hospital. When you have an illness or injury that needs extra recovery time, short-term rehabilitation is there to support you. It helps you get back home sooner.

To stay at short-term rehab, you may need a doctor’s order. But usually, you can choose the provider that fits your needs best. Get to know some of the conditions treated in short-term rehab and why Walnut Place may be the right choice for you.

Types of seniors who benefit from short-term rehabilitation

You may need short-term rehab for many reasons. These facilities help people recover from major illnesses, surgeries, and injuries. Rehab provides therapies to help you regain function and strength. It also gives you access to multiple types of care providers all in one place. The ultimate goal of rehab is to get you back home.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine says short-term rehab may be right for:

  • Stroke, brain injury, or other brain conditions
  • Complex or major surgeries, such as joint replacement
  • Traumatic injuries, such as fractures
  • Serious infections
  • Side effects caused by other medical care

Short-term rehab features that meet your needs

Not every short-term rehabilitation provider is the same. You may find one that provides more services that meet your needs than others. Be sure to compare your options on features like staff, access to care, and quality of care. Here a just a few of the features that Walnut Place offers you.

Staff reputation
Your care team is central to your experience. At Walnut Place, you have the support of an entire team of providers—all focused on short-term rehabilitation for seniors. We have tenured staff who provide you with expertise to help you recover. As a result, our staff has a long-standing reputation in the community for their care.

Easy access to care
You may look for a short-term rehab facility that’s close by to your local hospital. This can make moving from hospital to rehab even easier. It also allows you to stay nearby to your home and loved ones. For instance, our facility is located across the street from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Multiple types of therapy
Some short-term rehab providers offer care in addition to physical therapy. If you may need a specific type of therapy, make sure your chosen provider can meet those needs. Walnut Place provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Ability to age in place
Many seniors benefit from a short-term rehab provider that also provides other types of care. For example, Walnut Place offers all levels of care in one place. From independent living to short-term rehab to memory care, you don’t have to move communities. We also accept Medicaid as care needs change. In the end, this ability to age in place allows for easier financial and care planning.

Ready to help support your recovery

At Walnut Place, we have an entire floor ready to provide you with the short-term rehab care you deserve. You’ll have a dedicated team that works with you to make progress toward your goals. We help you feel confident in your ability to return to daily life.

To find out more about our complete short-term rehab services in North Dallas, contact Walnut Place today.